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Are you having challenges working efficiency in your team, lost track on your project milestones and task status?

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An online collaboration workspace for you to manage your project & business activities.

AJAXWorkspace brings an integrated suite of easy-to-use online collaboration workspace to assist you take care of any project & business activities. You can efficiently manage your tasks, projects and work well together with your entire colleagues, team members and enterprise inside a central location. It's a perfect collaborative workspace for almost any kind of project management no matter whether you're a freelancer or working in a organization.

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Stop using email inbox to manage your task within your team.

View sample collaboration ROI report Do you know email management is one of the most time and effort consuming task? People often try to keep track of discussion, attachment files, and task assignment in a crowded inbox. Data often store in different locations such as emails, desktop and network file server which don't have metadata defined and indexed. These results decreased of productivity and put your business in the losing end. Check out our sample Return On Investment (ROI) to find out how to save up to USD 2500 per month for a small-medium size company.

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Simple and useful team collaboration software with very fast support, that is all I ever wanted. - Jack T., Texas

Learning curve is easy and support high volume of usage without mess up your workspace. - Lauren S., Seattle

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AJAXWorkspace's Clients

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Start from USD 16 USD 8 per month for 10 users, 10GB storage and unlimited projects.

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Start from USD 18 USD 9 per month for unlimited users, 10GB storage and 15 projects.

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The Key to Streamlined Teamwork and One-Stop Repository For Project Management

With the advent of the internet and the conspicuous globalization trend, collaboration between co-workers in various business organizations has seen a more integrated, efficient and interactive approach towards accomplishing a common project-related goal. Online collaborative workspace enable all corporate entities across the globe to streamline their project management function by creating a web-based workspace or collaborative working environment that reduces costs, optimizes resources and time and promotes multiple benefits for the entire business organization including owners, managers, team leaders and team members.

Web-based collaborative workspace help facilitate and simplify teamwork, a key aspect of today’s workspace by providing an easy-to-use, globally accessible and convenient means for all the members of the team that have been assigned to a specific project to be engaged in a timely and efficient manner in every step of their result-generating activities, irrespective of their geographical location. Collaborative software allows team members to work together in a more coordinated and organized way by employing faster, simpler and more effective working methods on each level of collaboration.

In addition, it enable team members to manage and overcome successfully various communication, coordination, and implementation-related challenges occurring at all levels of project development and impairing effective and time-efficient teamwork. By supporting proactively and more effectively the deployment in real time of the entire range of aspects related to the collaborative working environment, from brainstorming, mind mapping, communicating, web conferencing, coordinating and task reporting to the problem solving process and decision making process, Online collaborative workspace become a necessity when the geographical location of the team members is the main obstacle that stagnates the completion of a specific project in a timely and efficient manner.