Product Features Overview

Our integrated suite of simple and easy-to-use online project management and collaboration tool comes handy with the features below...

List of Product Features

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Workspace Dashboard

Find out workspace status and project summary at a glance.

Task Tracking Software

Organize task including simple task, checked task and approval task among your team members by project or organization.

Document Management

Create document with online rich text editor on the fly with versioning and security access control.

File Sharing

Securely manages and shares all types of documents and files in well-organized tree-view folder.

Event Calendar

Share and organize events on online calendar within your organization and project.

Discussion Board

Share ideas, comments and survey polls among your project members.

Email Client

An integrated email module which allow user to add many different email accounts into one central location which allow them to work more effectively.

Account Management

Shares member contacts and public address book among your organization.

News & Headline

Publish your company news or updates and share within your organization.

Project Expenses

Manage expenses and keep track the expenses status (KPI) in project's dashboard.


Personalize your workspace with the themes of your choice and customize your workspace homepage, project dashboard landing page, timezone and reminder setting.

Security Access Control

Categorize your workspace members into different type of security roles such as employee, customer and manager.

Graphical Reporting Tool

Analyze your project progress for better resource planning with our built-in reports.

Activity Logging

View recent activities done by members and find out who have previously accessed to your documents, files and tasks.


Create and share shortcut to any AJAXWorkspace item or external website links to other team members.

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