File Sharing

Securely manages and shares all types of documents and files in real-time.

File Sharing

Our online file management features include:

Manage and share your files in folder structure

  • Create unlimited folder and sub-folder.
  • Easily manage and locate your files.
File sharing
Manage folder

Files expiry feature

  • Upload, define and forget. Your file will be automatically deleted once you have predefined how long it should stay in the server.
Setting file expired date

Download log

  • Keep track who has download a file.
View file download log

File Comments

  • Enable user to post and view comments on a file.
  • User able to send email notification to the selected project team members.
File comments

Security Access Control

  • Control who can view the files.
  • Set ownership to let other manage your files.
Manage security access control

Online Video

File Sharing