Task Management

Advanced task management and tracking software which support multiple stages of workflow, graphical reporting tools, multiple attachments, reminder and notification.

Task Management

Task management includes planning, tracking and reporting of a task. AJAXWorkspace advanced task management features assist you in managing all aspects of a task, including its stage, status, priority, time, human and financial resources assignments, reminders, email notifications and so on. Our advanced task management features include:

Support of various task types

  • Available task type includes Simple Task, Checked Task and Approval Task.
  • Each task type is associated to a workflow to support different type of task nature.
Multiple task type
Advanced task management with approval workflow

Support of various task state and status

  • Support up to 5 stages and 8 status in a task. Here are the details:
    Task State
    Created - The task was created.
    Approved - Responsible user approve a task before it continue to next process.
    Accomplished - Responsible user does and accomplish a task.
    Reviewed - Responsible user checks and verifies all the requests in this task are done correctly.
    Completed - The task was completed.

    Task Status

    Approval Queue - The task was assigned to a group of people and pending for someone to take over the task to their task list. Anyone under that group can take over the task by clicking "Assign to Me" Button. 
    Pending Approval - The task was assigner to specific a person and pending for approval. 
    To-do Queue - The task was assigned to a group of people and pending for someone to work and accomplish the task. Anyone under that group can take over the task by clicking "Assign to Me" Button.
    Work in Progress - The task is currently working by someone.
    Review Queue - The task was assigned to a group of people and pending for someone to review the task. Anyone under that group can take over the task by clicking "Assign to Me" Button.
    Reviewed - The task was verified and reviewed to make sure all the requests in the task were done correctly.
    Rejected - The task was rejected during the approval process.
    Completed - The task was completed.

    Task Action
    Approve - Approve task for further action. Once approved, the person who is responsibled to accomplish the task will take over and proceed to complete the task.
    Reject - Reject task to stop the task. Once rejected, this task will return back to the task creator.
    Accomplish - Realize this task when users have finish all the requests in this task.
    Review - Review task when users have verified all the requests are done correctly.
    Assign to Me - Take the task from the open queue in to your task list.
    Re-Assign- Re-assign the task fto other user.
    Reopen - Reopen the task to the open queue. This action is available when assigning to a group of people.
    Re-Submit - Re-submit a task when it was earlier being rejected during approval process.
    Remark - Users may remark a task to another person to request for further information before completing the task. Once remarked, this task will appear in the responsible user's task list.

Support user-defined fields

  • Support user-defined fields in standard task and task template
  • Users are allowed to add extra fields to a task to capture additional information. E.g. a OT (Overtime) Claim Task can add in extra fields such as "Reason Of OT", "Date of OT", "Claim Amount" and "Total OT hours".
  • User are able to enable/disable a field, setting field label or set it to hidden, read-only or editable in various stages.

Configuring user-defined field for task template

Monitor task status with graphical reporting tools

  • Support various type of graphical reports to monitor and keep track of task status.
  • Support Task vs Workflow stage report which will assist user to identify the current workload for each individual user.
Task status report in graphical chart format
Task status report in table format
Task workflow list view

Task milestone and user group

  • Allow users to define project milestones and categorize task under certain milestones.
  • Allow users to define user groups which will be used in task management.
Design project milestone
Design project user group

Create and customize task template

  • Predefine your commonly use settings as task template to accelerate task creation. This feature enable user to create any type of tasks such as claim request, customer support ticket and leave application request.
Task template

Attachments and linkage

  • Support unlimited attachments with capabilities to upload up to 5 attachments at a single time.
  • User is able to link a related file, document or task to a task itself.
Task attachments

Email notification and reminder

  • Email notification will be sent upon creation of a new task to the responsible user.
  • User is able to configure the preferred days an email reminder is sent to them.
Email notification and reminder

Task planning

  • Task planning allows user to view the current project task status. It lists down each task by project milestone, task status, responsible owner and the availability for each resources. Task planning can be viewed by monthly basis or bi-yearly basis
Task planning monthly view

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