6 most time and effort consuming business activities

Find out the 6 most time and effort consuming activities in knowledge work and project management.

Research has shown that knowledge work and project management consume a lot of time and effort. That is why project management has never been a walk in the park as many project managers tend to think. A proper plan has to be put in place for a project to be worked on successfully and effectively. Here are some of the most time and effort consuming activities in knowledge work and project management.

Most time and effort consuming business activities

Conception/ unnecessary meeting Topic

This is the first phase of a project. During this phase, project managers are supposed to develop ideas for a particular project depending on their organizational goals. The main reason as to why a lot of time and effort is needed in this stage is that, the top management is required to meet several times in order to come up with ways that they can successfully accomplish the intended objective. A lot of time is required to make key decisions.

Email Management

Reading and responding to many email messages doesn't not only take a lot of time, but it also requires a lot of effort. That is why a proper email management plan needs to be put in place for project managers to be able to check, read and organize emails.

Document Creation/Editing

It takes time to create and edit documents, since there is a lot of research that has to take place in order to come up with detailed reports, events calendar and training materials.

Planning and design

This is the other effort and time consuming activity in knowledge work and project management. In this phase, project managers along with the top management are required to determine the specific tasks that are needed for a particular project. Budgeting is a key activity at this stage, since it establishes the financial parameters for a particular project. It is also at this stage where project managers are supposed to decide the specific information they need in order for them to implement project procedures.

Project monitoring and analysis

This is the most time and effort consuming activity. It is at this stage that the project gets underway. Project managers are required to assign project tasks to their team and then monitor and analyze their progress. They also delegate duties to each member of the team.

Sharing information & files

File and document sharing is the process of distributing digitally stored information such as multimedia files and computer programs. It take times and effort for project managers to come up with a platform for sharing information and files.

How can collaboration tools help project managers?

Collaboration tools have the potential to change how project managers handle projects for the better. Here is how these tools can be of great help to project managers.

Document management

Collaboration tools can help multiple team members have access and work on documents simultaneously. With these tools, even the slightest change made to documents by any member can be traced quiet seamlessly. These tools further creates a process that makes it quiet easy for people to manage documents at their convenience, hence ultimately eliminating the need to have meetings in order to deliberate on how to manage documents.

Team member accountability

By using collaboration tools, team members become more accountable for their actions and they are hence not likely to do anything that would hamper the progress of the project that a team is working on. These tools can also track the progress of each member, hence eliminating the need for project managers to keep checking on the progress of each member at a time.

Reduction in travel expenses

The fact that collaboration tools facilitate information and resource sharing in real time helps in eliminating unnecessary travels. They also help in working on time-sensitive projects that are taking place in multiple locations, since they help in saving time that would have been lost during travels.