About Us

A little background about AJAXWorkspace Team

About Us

AJAXWorkspace is founded in 2006 by a team of experienced professionals with solid background in IT business and collaboration technology. Since its official launch, AJAXWorkspace has fast grown to become an internationally known online project management and collaboration service provider thank to the expertise and commitment of our development team.

Our mission is rather simple but it is one of the things most organizations needed the most. We are here to simplify the way how most of the organizations are dealing with their daily tasks. The whole idea is to provide the world with a great collaboration tool which is equipped with not only the essential collaboration features but also the capabilities of managing projects or events with much ease. Not only this, AJAXWorkspace has also taken into consideration of both it's usability and affordability, to ensure it brings on a new trend of online collaboration and project management software.

Our vision is to see a world which can communicate, work and collaborate in the most efficient way. With this, it means information is stored securely in an online workspace which consists of an integrated suite of simple and easy-to-use collaboration functionalities. Information can now be available to everyone at anytime and anywhere around the world.

A quick research has shown that AJAXWorkspace-enabled companies are now finding themselves well ahead of their competitors and are now capable to compete with much larger organizations due to the capabilities of instant access to key business information, well-managed task assignments and the efficiency of coordination and communications which provide the company the advantage of being able to plan further to seek and attain business prospects and success.