AJAXWorkspace support center

AJAXWorkspace Support Center

Welcome to AJAXWorkspace Support Center. If you are having difficulties using AJAXWorkspace, you might get your problems solved at how to start with ajaxworkspace and knowledge base.

How to start?

Corporate Workspace solution
  • Create New Workspace.
  • Activate Your Workspace.
  • Invite users to your workspace.
  • Workspace is ready to use.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an online workspace?
  • Is AJAXWorkspace reliable and secured?
  • Is my data safe and can't be accessible by any other AJAXWorkspace users?
  • Does AJAXWorkspace provides phone support?
  • Is AJAXWorkspace available in other languages besides English?
  • Does AJAXWorkspace have an affiliate or reseller program?
  • I have signed up a workspace account, what's next?
  • How to add members into my workspace?
  • What is a workspace homepage?
  • What is a project dashboard?
  • What is a project in AJAXWorkspace?
  • What can I see in News section?
  • What is Task Management in AJAXWorkspace?
  • Can I create a recurring event?
  • How to upload and add an image to a document?
  • What is storage limit?
  • Can I vote multiple times in a poll?
  • Who can approve a new project expenses?
  • What is "Contact's Activity" in contacts management?