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How to start using AJAXWorkspace?

Getting Started with AJAXWorkspace

The steps to start using AJAXWorkspace is just as easy as 123:

Corporate Workspace Solution
  1. Create new workspace
    Click "Sign Up Corporate Workspace " to create a new workspace.
  2. Setting up your workspace
    After completing the sign up form, you should receive an email regarding your workspace. Workspace owner have to login to your workspace control panel to setup up your workspace.
  3. Invite user to your workspace
    In the control panel, you can manage, add user and send invitation email to your workspace. You can setup other workspace settings such as upload your workspace's logo.
  4. Workspace is ready
    Please login through to to start using ajaxworkspace as your online collaboration tool.
Please visit our knowledge base for further information on how to use AJAXWorkspace.