Activity & Logging FAQs

Find out more about read log, download log and activity logging in AJAXWorkspace.

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  • What is Logging in AJAXWorkspace?
    Logging module enable user to find out who is accessing their documents, tasks and latest member activities.
  • What is read log?
    Read log allows you to check who read a task and document. You can check the read log by clicking the read log icon on top right of the task and document. Audit trail logs is also available in document module to capture down all the create and update activities on all the fields.
  • What is download log?
    Download log allows you to check who has downloaded a file in your project. You can check the download log by clicking the download log icon beside the file.
  • What is activity log?
    Activity log keeps track of all the members' activities in a project. These activities include last access date time in a project, sub modules, and what actions have been done in each modules.