Discussion Board FAQs

Find out how to post a new topic, reply a topic and start a poll in discussion board.

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  • What is Discussion Board?
    Discussion board is used to share ideas, comments, and surveys poll among project members. You can notify members via email while posting a new topic or reply.
  • How to create a new topic?
    Go to "Discussion" and click on "New Topic" and enter necessary information. You can notify selected members or all members with the notification drop down list.
  • Can I create a poll?
    Yes, you can create a poll by checking "Create a Poll" option while creating a new topic. Then, you may proceed to enter poll's question and answers.
  • Can I vote multiple times in a poll?
    No, you cannot vote multiple times in a poll. You are only allowed to vote once before the poll expires. Once the poll expired, you cannot vote anymore.
  • Can I delete a topic?
    Yes, you can now delete the entire topic if you are the owner of it. However, if you are only a contributor then you are limited to only delete your own reply.
  • How to reply to a topic?
    Just click on the topic that you wish to reply. On the top right corner, click on the "+" sign to reply or the icon with a pencil to edit the reply if you are the owner of that reply.