Document Management FAQs

Find out how to use document management such as creating, editing, adding images, attachment and document versioning.

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  • What is Document Management in AJAXWorkspace?
    Document management allows you to create online document with online rich text editor and linkable to task tracking application and news sections.
  • How to create an online document?
    Go to document section, click on "New Document". User may use our powerful web base editor to create online html document. Alternatively, user may copy content from word document and paste it into our rich text editor. Our editor is able to maintain the same format and style.
  • How to upload and add an image to a document?
    You can do this by using our online rich text editor. For a start, you will need to upload the picture to our web server. All pictures will be uploaded to a personal folder which will only available to you in the rich text editor. Once uploaded, you can select the picture and it will be displayed in the rich text editor.
  • How to add an attachment to a document?
    You are allowed to upload/attach file to a document. Click on the "Browse" button to an upload a file. This may be useful where you can link other file such as PowerPoint presentation file to a document.
  • How to add a document as my favorite bookmark?
    You can bookmark a document by clicking the "Add Favorite" icon. This is useful for you to keep and access the document directly from your bookmark section in the dashboard.
  • What is the document read log?
    Read log allow you to check who had read the document. You can see this log by clicking on the top right corner's read log icon.
  • Who can edit my document?
    We take content's ownership seriously. So, only document creator, workspace administrator and the person that is set under the Ownership field are allowed to edit your document.
  • What is document versioning?
    This is a feature where by the user is allowed to save an edited document to a newer version with a single click. The system will by default treat the latest version of that document as the active version. However, user is allowed to activate the previous version by browsing through the document history and manually set it to active
  • What is printer friendly view?
    A printer friendly view is a view which has excluded all the buttons, header, footer and banners of the page. It will only display the contents of the document to ease the printing process.
  • What is "Draft" status?
    Saving a document as "Draft" means that you do not actually complete the document yet. You will need to come back to the document and complete it before changing the status to "Published" in order for your project members to view it.