Email Client FAQs

How to use web email client to manage multiple accounts which is accesible anywhere and anytime.

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  • What kind of email protocol supported and features available?
    We only support POP3-enabled mail servers. IMAP and other web mail like Yahoo and Google are not supported. Our email module support basic features such as read, reply, send, forward and delete email. Our aim is to provide an integrated email module into AJAXWorkspace with simple features which are good enough for everyone to complete their daily task. We recommend all users to use their external email client application should they need richer email functionalities.
  • What are the benefits of using email in workspace/project?
    In these modern days, one often uses more than one email account to manage his/her emails which are associated to many different projects. This can be quite a troublesome and confusing daily job. In AJAXWorkspace, we offer an integrated email module which allow user to add many different email accounts into one central location which allow them to work more effectively and with convenient.
  • Is it safe to store my email account information?
    Rest assured that your email account information is well kept in a safe hand. Email account information and in fact all private information such as username and password are well encrypted before being stored in our secured servers. In the case that you still feel not comfortable, you can always turn off the auto login features for each email account. By doing this, you will get prompted for the password each time you try to access to these accounts.
  • How to link an email account to my project?
    User can click on "Add/Remove account" under Project->Email module.
  • What is Primary Account means?
    User might associate multiple email accounts into a workspace or project. By setting a primary email account, this will turn the email account into the default account each time a user clicks on the "Email" module.
  • What happened if I delete an email account?
    All emails which are associated to this account will be deleted.