Event Calendar FAQs

Find out how to use online event calendar to manage your team events as well as personal appointment.

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  • What is Online Event Calendar?
    Online event calendar allow users to share and organize events in within their organization and project.
  • How to create an event?
    Mouseover to the Calendar tab and right click on the calendar, click to select "New appointment" from the appeared menu. There are four type of events supported in AJAXWorkspace which are Appoinment, Meeting, Event and Call.
  • Can I create a recurring event?
    User can either click on the "New appointment" and then turn on the "Recurrence" checkbox or right click on the calender and click to select "New recurring appointment". Then, you can select the type and the end date of the recurring event. Please note that the start time and end time for a recurring event must be within the same day.

  • How can I check my event in different views?
    You can choose to view your event from four types of view. The types are Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Timeline views.
  • Can I choose the attendees?
    In the Attendees listbox, select the person who you wish to invite.