File Sharing FAQs

Describes list of features and frequently asked questions about file sharing

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  • What is storage limit?
    It shows how much free space you can use in your project or workspace. Uploading file to "File" section and adding attachment in an online document will consume your storage space.
  • Is my file stored securely?
    Your files are not stored in a public web folder. They are stored in a hidden secured path which is only accessible via our system. When you request to download a file, our engine will read the file from the secured patch and send it to you. No ones can retrieve your file simply by typing in the URL in their browser.
  • Where can I create folder?
    You can create a folder by going to Setting --> General --> Categorization. Alternatively, you can also create a folder on the fly, by right click on the tree found on the left side of the File main page. Only project owner, workspace administrator or user with security level = 100 are allowed to create, delete and edit a folder.
  • Can I upload the same file name?
    Yes, system does not overwrite the old file. It will auto rename your file to a higher version. E.g. Say that you have already uploaded "Requirements.doc". If you upload the same file name again, it will auto rename it to "Requirements(2).doc"
  • Who can edit or delete a file?
    File owner, project owner and workspace administrator are able to edit or delete a file. Project members are only allowed to download the file.
  • What is going to happen if I reach the storage limit?
    In this case, you will be prohibited to upload any more files. You can either delete the old files or upgrade to a higher AJAXWorkspace package which provides bigger storage limit.
  • Can I check who downloaded a specific file?
    Yes, you can click on the download log icon to check who has actually downloaded the specific file.
  • What is comments?
    Comments is a place where you can put extra information about that file or any important notes that other project members need to pay extra attention.
  • Can I delete a folder?
    You can only delete a folder if the folder is empty. Please remove all files before you delete a non-empty folder.