News Features FAQs

Find out various types of news headline and how to publish a news.

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  • What can I see in News section?
    You can see the latest news and announcements published in your project or organization.
  • What is the Corporate/Project News (Headline)?
    Headline news contains the most important news among other news. It will be located at the center where it will show short summaries and pictures. Default AJAXWorkspace image will be attached to the headline news if there is no news image attachment from creator.
  • What is the Title News?
    Title news is less important news which only shows its title on the left side of the news sections.
  • How to create and publish a News?
    You need to browse the document section and create a document. During creation of the document, do check on the "Publish as corporate news" or "Publish as title news". Enter your news content and clicks saves. Once saved, it will auto publish to the news section.