Project Management FAQs

Find out how to create, configure and manage a project.

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  • What is a project in AJAXWorkspace?
    It is a virtual space which comes with a bunch of online collaboration tools available for user to communicate and work together to complete a mission or project. You can organize your work by projects in an online workspace to effectively plan, manage and track your projects in a secure and focus environment. Users can add specific members, create task, share files, create online document and open a discussion within a project. Users are not allowed to access the contents of a particular project if they are not a member of that project.
  • How to create a project?
    From the workspace homepage, click on the "Create new project" menu from the project menu bar dropdown list to create a new project. Enter necessary information and click on save to create the new project. Only workspace administrator or workspace member are allow to create a new project.
  • What can I do with project setting?
    It allows you to add, delete or edit your project information, project's menu visibility, document's category, task's category, task's milestone,task's fields setting, task's template user group, file's folder and project expenses category use in within a particular project. By default, "General" category exists in each section.
  • How to change my project general information?
    You can change you project title, notes, and due date by going to Project >> Project settings >> General and click on the "Edit" button in the Project Information section. Only workspace administrator and project owner will be allowed to change this setting.
  • What is a project due date?
    It indicates that the project should be completed before or at the specific date. You will still be able to access your project even after the due date.
  • What is a project status?
    It indicates whether the project is currently opened or closed. You can't access your project when it is closed. If you sign up the Plans by Projects, you will need to close the completed/unused project when you hit the maximum project limit. By doing this, you are allow to create new project again.
  • What is going to happen if I delete a project?
    All your data related to this project will be deleted permanently. Please fully confirm before you proceed to delete a project. For those users signed up with the unlimited project plan, we would rather advice you to close your project instead of delete it. You can re-activate your closed projects anytime.
  • How many projects can I create in a workspace?
    Our current free services allow you to create a maximum of Two(2) projects. For paid service, it depends on the plan that you have signed up.
  • How to add members into a project in workspace?
    AJAXWorkspace allows you to add workspace's member directly to your project. Make sure you add the user from the workspace level by going to Settings >> Manage User >> Add User before you can invite them to your project.
  • Can I add members from different workspace to my project?
    No, you can only add your own workspace members into your project.
  • What is the maximum members that I can add into a project?
    There is no maximum members. It depends on the number of users exist in your workspace.