Online Workspace FAQs

Describes frequently asked questions about online workspace.

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  • What is an online workspace?
    Online workspace is a virtual office where user can work, communicate and collaborate with their teammates to complete a task. Users do not need to physically gather together. They can easily share their files, create tasks, and keep track of project status. AJAXWorkspace offers a bunch of collaboration tools to help user collaborate between each other in a secured online workspace.
  • Why am I experiencing slow responses from AJAXWorkspace?
    Our server and bandwidth are designed to support heavy usage. The bottleneck may come from the client's browser (IE 6.0). We highly recommend user to use Firefox 2.0 or MS Internet Explorer (IE) 7. Try not to use MS IE version 6.0 since the browser itself takes longer time to load and manage AJAX script. We have done some testing on browsers and found that Firefox browser gives the best response time, IE 7 a little bit slower and IE 6 gives the worst response time. We estimate Firefox will give a page loading performance 4-5 times faster than IE 6.
  • What are workspace's content and project's content?
    Workspace's content means the content that is created inside a workspace which does not tied to any projects. For example, HR personnel may create a new company allowances claim policy and post the news to everyone in an employee workspace. These content does not actually relate to any projects within the workspace. But, a consultant may create a requirement document which is linked to a project named "ERP system for ABC Inc.". This document will be categorized as a project's content which is only accessible by the project's members.
  • What are workspace's category and project's category?
    Workspace category refers to category use in corporate workspace when user creates a workspace content such as task or document. Unlike project category, workspace category can be used by all members when creating workspace contents. Only workspace owner is allowed to create this category under the control panel. Project category refers to category that is used in a particular project. Project owner can create this category under the "Project Setting"page.
  • I signed up a workspace account, what is next?
    After signed up a workspace account, you will receive a welcome email contains all the necessary information to proceed to next step. In short, you need to login to your workspace and click on workspace >> Settings which appears in the last tab of the main menu bar. Workspace settings allows you to upload company logo, manage users and workspace category. You can start to invite your teammate to join your workspace. Once everything done, your workspace is ready to use!
  • How to add members into my workspace?
    You can add members in workspace settings. Please login to your workspace >> Settings, click on "Manage User" tab and "Add user" button. Enter new user's email, necessary information and select appropriate role. Once done, you can send an invitation email to notify new user to join your workspace. This email contains all the necessary information to let new user login to your workspace. You also can reset member's password in this section.
  • What are "Workspace Member" and "Project Member" in workspace?
    Each member carries different type of access right as below:
    Workspace Administrator - Full acces rights in a workspace and settings (Manage users, security and workspace settings)
    Workspace Member - Full access rights in a workspace including create new project.
    Project Member - Full access rights in a workspace but CANNOT create new project.
  • What can I do if my workspace reaches the maximum user license limit?
    You may deactivate a certain number of users in order to add in the new users. In short, you can only have a maximum number of active users (depending on the plan you have signed up) at any point of time.
  • Can I delete a user in my workspace?
    No, you can not delete a user due to the importance of data integrity. If you wish to block a user from accessing your workspace, please proceed to deactivate the user.