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Everything At A Glance

Quick glance on all recently activities, summary of your workspace performance and easily identify the latest progress of all tasks.

Assign and track your task

Task management includes a robust work-flow engine to help ease your job in setting up task which usually needs various kind of verification & approval processes. The task that you created will flow accordingly to your selected task type and our work-flow engine will do the rest..

Online Document Management

Online editing with rich text editor that support access rights control, document versioning, attachments, images, flash and video content.

Organize events and meetings

Share and organize events within organization and project in 4 types of views by day, week, month and timeline.

Discussion and Polls

Gather priceless feedbacks via discussion or poll and set your target audiences to control the access rights.

Stay up-to-date with latest news

Publish and announce news to make sure everyone is well informed.

Account Management

Shares member contacts, customer, supplier and public address book among your organization.

Reports to assist your analysis

A graphical reporting tool that empower users to have better control and planning on the project resources and timeline.

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