How To Utilize AJAXWorkspace?

Find out how to utilize AJAXWorkspace for different types of industry

Team collaboration case studies

AJAXWorkspace can be utilized in many ways for different types of industry. Below scenarios is just the tip of an iceberg.

Sales and marketing

  • Share and store products catalog in centralize location.
  • Share and track all customers' contact.
  • Manage marketing campaign such as budget and expenditure, tasks list and document storage.

University students

  • Post and share lecture notes among course mates.
  • Schedule study sessions.
  • Create task list to manage project or assignment.
  • Initiate discussion and study group.

Employee Portal

  • Post company news and announcements.
  • As an online file storage to keep company or projects document.
  • Schedule and notify meeting or events to all employee.
  • Start a poll and discussion to get employee feedback.

Web designer

  • Post and discuss project requirements.
  • Store all website's source file in a secured and centralized location.
  • Assign task to each member during development phase.
  • Act as a primary communication channel.

Software developer

  • Create and share design/requirement documents.
  • Keep and share all source code in centralize location.
  • Create bug report with task list during testing phase.
  • Tracking development status and time line.


  • Share and discuss ideas and problems.
  • Create and share research documents.

Educators & Tuition center

  • Post tuition classes' time table.
  • Share educational materials by classes.
  • Post tuition centers' news and announcements
  • Create tasks list to keep track homework submission status.

Financial services

  • Manage news and announcements among departments or call centers.
  • Create recurring events to remind all employees to submit monthly reports.
  • Share financial knowledge and tax information among colleagues.

Insurance Agencies

  • Post and share agency's meetings and appointments.
  • Share latest news, events and products information.


  • Post news and events to all members.
  • Create and share ideas, surveys and photos.
  • Schedule meeting and seminars and keep meeting notes.
  • Manage association's campaign or activity via task list.


  • Share construction drawing plans and documents.
  • Coordinate between contractors and supplies.
  • Manage contractor and supplies contact list.
  • Act as primary communication channel for each construction.

Freelancer & SOHO worker

  • Communicate with project owner and project members.
  • Track project deadlines and important dates.
  • Share project documents and knowledge among project members.
  • Start discussion and poll to make strategic decision.

Project Outsourcing

  • Keep track and coordinate outsourced projects.
  • Manage project expenses.
  • Act as centralize file storage location for each project.
  • Create task list for each project's milestone.